To contact us phone 540-877-1813 or write to Golden Morning Publishing P.O. Box 2697 Winchester, VA 22604 or www.goldenmorning.com 

We are a ministry to oversee the publishing and distribution of Leona Choy's books. This is not a business whereby we accept for production the books that others may want to publish. 

Leona is the Editorial Director and her son Rick is the Production Director for Leona's manuscripts to the point of the camera-ready copy to be sent to the printer, which in most cases is Morris Publishing. For more than a dozen years Leona's books have been produced with this company. 

We recommend anyone who is considering producing a book to request a Free Publishing Guide packet with complete information from start to finish by contacting Morris Publishing: 1-800-650-7888 or www.morrispublishing.com or email: publish@morrispublishing.com