Jumping Illness Hurdles


We all face illness or accidents at some time in our lives. We are bombarded with questions as to why it is happening to us. The author of Hospital Gowns Don't Have Pockets walks the reader through the first struggles many of us go through when trying to discover meaning and purpose in our physical distress.

This is a shorter A Taste of... book introducing biblical principles relating to illness, which are covered in greater depth in the larger book mentioned above. The contents of this smaller book are identical to the first five chapters of the larger book. It is intended to whet the appetite for reading the entire Hospital Gowns book, which amplifies these beginning principles and takes the reader all the way through the minefield of the recovery period.

This is an ideal introductory book to give to someone grappling with an illness. It is more meaningful than a gift of flowers by encouraging someone who is ill to trust in God.  It leads the reader to help discover: Why is this illness challenge happening to me? Is God behind the curtain or is Satan? What, if anything, can I do about it?

Leona offers this book as a companion with any order of the book Hospital Gowns by request.