Welcome to Leona's Blog

        I invite you to visit my blog regularly: leonachoy.blogspot.com. I titled it THE REST OF THE WAY. Come check it out. Comment if you wish and share with your friends anything that you find meaningful. Just indicate the source please. 
        My web site is primarily an introduction to my writing ministry and overviews of my published books. I post on the blog my more fluid, informal, and current writing of fresh, short pieces.
        My blog isn't artsy, fancy, or high tech. I don't post about political trends or comment on the latest news or try to inform you of significant events or people on the world scene or in my particular corner of it. I don't offer intriguing YouTube videos or pictures of my family. The various social media sites do a good job in that area. My sons generously provide me with the latest equipment to enable me to post those things if I wished. But there are already many outstanding blogs out there that I follow myself because they do offer those wonderful features. I don't want to compete.
        MY BLOG IS DIFFERENT AND SIMPLE. I PRIMARILY SHARE SAMPLES OF MY CURRENT WRITINGS AND REFLECTIONS OF LIFE EXPERIENCES RELATED TO MY CHRISTIAN WALK. Sometimes I post fresh excerpts from my in-progress writings. Those may or may not find their way into some of my forthcoming books. How many books I still might write depends on the length of the generous bonus time the Lord is giving me on Planet Earth and the strength He provides. I'll stop writing when God brings me to His Finish Line. But who knows? Perhaps I'll resume writing in God's presence in the Eternal Dimension--if the Lord still needs writers and editors in Heaven.