Parables, Imagineerings and Personifications


LEONA CHOY is primarily known as a non-fiction writer in her over 40 published books. But this modest volume is obviously fiction! You can tell that she had a delightful time trying her wings creating and writing these mini-stories for a change. She wrote not only to entertain readers but with the hope that they might find some meaningful take-away value.

These selections might at first seem slanted toward juvenile readers, since Leona presents them in a fairy tale or fantasy format. They are, in fact, adult-oriented because of their symbolic and allegorical content. Definitely for a mature audience.

Leona doesn't tell you how to interpret what she calls her “imagineerings.” She respects the readers' intelligence and lets them draw their own moral conclusions or applications.

She takes her own path to creatively express universal truths and principles at times through humor and hyperbole. Her writing devices include parable, allegory, fable, metaphor, simile, analogy and dialogue.

Freely employing anthropomorphic terminology, she ascribes human characteristics, emotions, speech, or attributes to a being or thing not human, including God. Leona calls it personification, where ideas or emotions speak for themselves. She supports her ideation with relevant biblical references.

Each life contemplation is bite sized and can stand alone. Leona offers 31 original fables for you to enjoy!