How To Capture 

And Develop Ideas

Ideas are the basis for effective communication and this is an age of information overload. Leona declares, “Ideas are everywhere—free and uncopyrighted. Help yourself!” What an incentive to both experienced and budding writers!

In this small book Leona, an experienced, well-published author and publisher, shares insights and provides practical guidelines from her vast reservoir of experience. She motivates and assists at all levels in setting and attaining high standards of writing for the glory of God.

W. Lee Troup, editorial adviser, wrote, “This book reveals the author as a discerning “idea person” you want to know and learn from. She is a good observer and communicates with empathy and impact in her own writing, using appropriate illustrations from her variegated past. Not willing to stop there, she opens her heart, mind and experience to encourage and instruct others to become bearers of good spiritual fruit in print.”Leona believes that God is the primary source of worthy ideas for the writer who is a Christian, and He is the reason for expressing them. If our idea come from Him, both through His Word and the created world, our task becomes one of learning how to communicate truth skillfully. Leona helps us do that, as well as suggest the right market after we have crafted our ideas into a piece of writing.

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