Queen Of The Dark Chamber

Three Books In One

The collected writings of CHRISTIANA TSAI, all three of her books, are now available in one new book with an attractive cover of artistic quality!

Available either in Chinese or English versions and packed with photographs and art work, this 446 page book is available at the unbelievable low price of $15 if ordered directly from the publisher, AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST, INC.

I highly recommend this firsthand missionary biography as a cross-generational and cross-cultural page turner that is sure to appeal to readers of any age. It is a first person account of faithful missionary work in China in the early years and in the beginnings of preaching and witness involvement by Chinese believers themselves. Christiana Tsai was a beloved and noted pioneer in this endeavor, one of the first Chinese women to receive a Western education.

"But you didn't write this book, Leona, did you? Your name isn't on the cover..."

Yes and No. Because it was my great joy and privilege to be the invisible "ghost writer" behind the scenes to collaborate with Christiana on two of the three books in this new publication, my name is not on the cover.

How did that work? Christiana asked me to "write in her voice and style" as she recollected and shared with me what she wanted to convey to readers as her witness for the Lord. Since we wrote her books first in English, which was Christiana's second language, they were translated only later into Chinese and dozens of other languages. She was a loving but merciless and meticulous editor (perfectionist!) insisting that we literally "pray and weigh" each sentence until she was satisfied that it was the best way she wanted to express it. I would bring her draft after draft for editing, some of the writing still in pre-computer days. That experience was invaluable to launch me into my own writing career!
The first book in this collection, the flagship book QUEEN OF THE DARK CHAMBER, chronicled her life from her birth in 1890 to 1949 at which time she fled the war and chaos in China with her lifelong friend and missionary, "China Mary" Leaman whom she called her godmother. Christiana would live the rest of her life in the historic Leaman homestead in Paradise , Pennsylvania . Published in 1953, that book was written "as told to" by Ellen Drummond, a missionary friend who knew Christiana in China and witnessed many of the events firsthand.

Billy Graham personally recommended her book: "In her furnace of affliction Miss Tsai has discovered the secret of spiritual refining. In her dark chamber of infirmity she has found the Light of the world."
I assisted her in writing the second book in this collection, a chronological sequel, which the publisher simply titled CHRISTIANA TSAI. We worked in her darkened bedroom necessitated by her illness which confined her to bed for nearly fifty years. She narrated the happenings from 1949 until her death in 1984 even while the continuing drama of her life and exciting ministry was still unfolding.

It was at that time that the Leaman family and Christiana deeded their farmland property in Paradise, PA to Ambassadors For Christ, Inc. for their headquarters and expanding ministry among Chinese students and professionals on university campuses in North America and abroad.

In the third book in this volume, JEWELS FROM THE QUEEN, Christiana asked me to compile short illustrations from the many messages she preached from her bed as a pulpit. A flood of people from all over the world sought her out after they read her first book which was translated into dozens of languages and versions including Braille.

I truly believe that when you read this book it will touch your heart and inspire you to greater trust in God. You will want copies for your family and friends and church library and to recommend to your book club.


Leona doesn't carry stock of this book. Order directly from the publisher: Ambassadors For Christ, Inc. Go to www.afcinc.org. Click on "Bookstore." Proceed to "AFC Published Items." Click on the cover pictured above. (Be sure to indicate English, if that is the language you want.) Follow ordering instructions.

I have a bonus SURPRISE!
I produced a CD on which I read aloud 8 chapters of this book as an "appetizer" introduction with Chinese musical interludes. I read verbatim from pp. 177 to 219. I am sure this will enhance your appreciation and jump-start you into Christiana's story as it unfolds. See a description of this CD under CD's AVAILABLE FROM LEONA.

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