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The word SELAH seems to be a mystery word in the Hebrew language. It occurs only in the Old Testament, 71 times in the Psalms. Since its exact meaning is obscure, most versions of the Bible don't even attempt to translate it but pronounce it straight from the Hebrew.

Whether it's a musical term, an instruction to singers, indicates a pause to praise God, or to meditate on what is being said or written, Leona combines all the possible meanings in her use of the word in this book: pause, be silent, calmly think about this, ponder over it, meditate on it in your mind and spirit—then put it into action.

Her short, personal thought-reflections are, of course, not Holy Writ, nor are they inspired in the sense of Scripture. She offers them as her own experiences to share with the reader, some things to Selah, to PAUSE and think about, to glean whatever Christian truth they might reveal.

These mini-articles first appeared in recent years as posts on her popular blog You might call them sound bites in print. Or savory word snacks. Since blogging is a transient medium, many of Leona's blog fans have asked her to collect them into book form so that they might Selah them at their leisure. At the same time it will be available as an e-book.

Leona's experiences and thoughts about life as she sees it lean in the direction of navigating the calendar-challenged later years of her life, which she calls her “summit years.” She looks for analogies to our spiritual life in common daily occurrences. Leona invites readers to pick up the book and read anywhere at will; the word snacks are not offered in any particular sequence. Each is meant to stand alone and to be enjoyed on its own terms.

This is one of Leona's latest books.

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