STILL MORE! Flourishing on My Summit:
Living Our Vintage Season

Book Three in Leona's LAND OF MORE Trilogy

In this third book of her “MORE Trilogy,” Leona discovered STILL MORE! She shares her overall experiences while living as a Catholic Christian into her nonagenarian years. Our “vintage season,” or as Leona calls it, our "summit years," is normally packed with adjustments and struggles unique to that often “winding down” period of life.

In her Catholic faith lived out, Leona found gems of joyous truth shining even more brilliantly in the Scriptures. She was encouraged and encourages the reader to endure and persevere until mortal life's finish line.

"Flourishing" is not the usual way many people think of the calendar challenge, the becoming older season of life. But Leona does! As the climb to the summit becomes steeper and more difficult, she shares insights with her readers which help make the aging journey's "rough places smoother" and the "crooked places straighter."

The books in this Trilogy will challenge anyone who thinks he or she is too old to change. We are on solid ground if we are willing to explore firsthand the authentic historical and biblical facts for ourselves and match our spiritual experience against them. Our faith can be refreshed as we rediscover STILL MORE about the precious treasures of God's Truth that we might be taking for granted.

Leona paints with words through her vignettes, life sketches and reflections. She recognizes that God is continuing to choreograph the music of her life and the style and tempo of her vintage years regardless of inevitably changing life circumstances. At times, Leona “sings” through her contemporary poetry. She writes with the joyous perspective of Eternal Life beyond mortal life. She views each event through the spiritual lens of her faith and practice as a Catholic Christian anchored in the Holy Scriptures and her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Some thought-provoking chapters in STILL MORE!

Climbing Toward My Summit, Exploring Summit Living, My View From the Summit, Life in My Summit Season, Maintaining My Balance, Summit Relationships, Storms and Adversities, Summit Meetings With God, In My Ordinary Time, Living At Eagle Summit, Music On My Summit, My Vintage Wordsmithing, and Launching at Last.

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