An indispensable how-to-do-it book for writing your memoirs


You don't have to be a celebrity. You are special to God and to others. Your life is important! You survived ups and downs, adversities and celebrations. Don't let your footprints wash away in the sands of time.

Leave footprints more permanently on paper as a legacy of your life experiences and acquired wisdom. Reach backward to research and record your generational heritage to the extent that you are able. Pass on a precious treasure to your posterity more valuable than a rich estate. They may not thank you now (although your family might surprise you with their appreciation as years go by) but this is a way to reach through time to your generations yet to be born.

Leona takes you through the enjoyable process of walking down memory lane to retrieve your recollections. She provides inspiration, motivation, and a bushel full of practical suggestions. Whether you want to write your life in a few pages and make copies at the local copy center for family and friends or publish an entire book, she guides you step by step because she has been there and done that herself.  She takes examples from her own autobiography, Czeching My Roots, and the other biographies she has published.

Some of her chapter titles are:

“Trunk” Destiny

Find Your Direction: Enjoy the Journey!

Target Your Readership: Build Generational Bridges

Generous Benefits: Surprise Bonuses

Shorties of Significance: Characteristics of Memoirs

Memory Triggers: Interview Yourself

Enhance Your Content: Select Significant Extras

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!: The Writing Process

Dig for Gold: Search and Research

Wrap It Up: The Final Touch

To Market-To Market?: Polish and Package