Writing for the Supreme Editor

My Wordsmithing Life

Leona looks into the rear view mirror of her lifetime and traces God's hand and purpose in her career trajectory in this latest of her autobiographical sequels. She uses a magnifying glass to examine the multifaceted steps in her calling as a writer—a wordsmith, as she refers to herself.

Her secret, shy childhood attempts to write rhymed poems while sitting on a branch of the apple tree in the back yard of her Iowa heartland home were the first stirrings of what was to be a lifetime of Writing for the Supreme Editor. As years passed by and her literal journeys took her to experience life and ministry in other cultures and parts of the world, she became known from her mid-years as a multi-genre writer.

Leona was not content to be widely published herself, but her greatest joy was to teach workshops on the craft of writing and encourage new writers. She has continued and escalated that writing journey into her nonagenarian years with more than 45 published books, foreign language translations and editions.

Some of her intriguing chapter titles are Beginnings and Before, Selfie-writing, Spreading My Wings, Cave Walls to Cyberspace, Legacy on my Mind, Passing the Writing Baton, The Joy of Psalming, Over Mountains, Plains and Seas, Homespun Writing, and In Pursuit of Dreams.